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Remus John Lupin

5 September 1976

5 September 1976

How You Know That You Don't Fancy ANYONE

(notes for a future dissertation by Remus John Remus J. Lup R.J. Lupin, Esquire)

1. Someone else fancies the person you don't fancy and you don't care. (Ex.: The new Ravenclaw Seeker fancies Sirius and I don't care. He doesn't fancy her back. He wouldn't. She's not his type at all. She's really not that pretty. She's awfully thin, and she's got these big dark eyes that sort of bug out at you. She's supposed to be a good Seeker, though.)

2. The person you don't fancy acts like a prat and it doesn't bother you. (Ex.: The other day Sirius wanted more of that salve for his arm. He acted like a complete prat when I gave it to him, and it didn't bother me. He's usually a bit of a prat, so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. When you fancy someone and they act like a prat, it should bother you. It bothers James when Lily brushes him off. Ergo, James fancies Lily. I fancy no one.)

3. It's just too much. No one can be a werewolf and poor and a poof. That's just too much.

4. To be added after more thought and observation.

Classes are all right. We've got a lot of work already. Some of it's hard. Most of it's just a lot of reading. It's interesting, I guess. Some of it. Just don't see the point, as no one will hire me no matter how well I do.

Still, I reckon I should do all the work.

Still haven't really talked to S about his family. He probably talks to J about it.

There's a girl in my Charms class – a Hufflepuff – who keeps smiling at me. I don't really know her. Should I say something?
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