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The Sexual Habits of Hogwarts' Female Student Body

a comprehensive sexual study, house by house, by ME

Gryffindor: it remains to be seenstudied.
Hufflepuff: sweet and loving. Too Loving. Scary.
Slytherin: those lasses don't have sex, they have a complex, sophisticated mating ritual. Interesting the first time, appallingly boring all the other times.
Ravenclaw: anytime, anywhere, anyhow. You need to eat a hippogriff to keep up with them!

Which means that the Ravenclaw Seeker and I, this morning, after Quidditch practice… Tee hee!
She really is pretty, despite what Moony may think(and the weird look Wormtail gave me. What the fuck
was THAT about?)
Oh, and her name is Meg. Meg, well, Meg from Ravenclaw, I guess.

Full moon was two days ago. It was good, with the 'Pack' all together again in the Forbidden Forest.
Though I had trouble keeping up. Padfoot's paw is still bad.

Which brings us to yesterday! Pomfrey told us that Moony would be out soon, so we didn't have to wait in the Infirmary. I went to the dorm to wait for him and ask for some of that salve (though I was going to rub it myself, what with that disaster the other day), but Mssr Moony decided to spend his day at the Library with some Hufflepuff! Caitlin, or Katrine or whatever.

Nice one, Lupin. So you prefer to spend the day after the full moon with Kate instead of spending it with me your friends? Well, I hope Catherine makes you happy!
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