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Oh yes, I was looking forward to more 'Quidditch' with you, too, Meg.

Gryffindor scheduled a friendly practice game with Ravenclaw for this morning, and I was hoping to have some funbe with Meg after it. A perfect way to spend some time before lunch on a Sunday.

But nothing like that happened.

Instead, one of our Beaters, who is more clumsy than Andromeda's girl (at least she has the excuse of being a little child), completely misdirected the Bludger, and the damned thing hit me RIGHT ON MY BLOODY ELBOW!
That hurts!

So much I fell off my broom.
Prongs came to the rescue, but in his haste the only spell he could think of was Levi-bloody-corpus! And there I was, clutching my arm in excrutianting pain, while hanging pathetically by my ankle.
I can’t believe I owe my life to a gitsomeone who saved me by humilliating me!

Then I went to Pomfrey and, of course, I had to explain to her why my elbow was so weak to beguin with. Prongs helped, Moony piped in, Wormtail gave one last remark and in the end the tale we told her was so far-fetched, that if she believed one single word of it, she should be sacked.

Basically the bone wasn’t in the right place when Prong’s mum mended it, so now Pomfrey put a Binding Spell on my arm so that I can’t move it for TWO whole weeks!

As if my day wasn’t bad enough, as I was telling the Marauders my bad luck with Meg after we returned to our dorm, Mssr. Moony decided to give his opinion on the subject, by asking what the fuss was that all about, since she’s ‘not that good-looking’. Not that good-looking? On what planet?
But, of course, Mssr. Moony now knows alot about ladies, since he prefers to spend his time with the Bitchthe Cat, instead of spending it with us.

Anyway, in the end there was one big shouting match, and he just stormed out of the dorm.

At lunch there were four very silent Marauders at the Gryffindor table.
Well, that is until I
I tried to pour myself some pumpkin juice, but the jug was very full, and since someone had spilt something on the table, everytime I tried to pour it and touch the glass with the jug, the glass would slip away, and it’s not like I could hold it with my left, is it? So. Bloody. Frustrating.
By the 4th time, all I wanted was to throw the jug at Evans (well, she WAS closer than CaSnivellus)
Peter tried to help, but instead of putting his fork down first, he stuffed all the mashed peas on his mouth instead and choked. James had to cast the Heimlich Charm on him and everything. Prongs should get a medal or something for today (well, he did gain lots of points for our House, which means there's a lot of points for the Marauders to lose).
In the end, albeit not looking at me, Moony was the one who helped me with it. With a huff.

At dinner he did it again, before I even made a move for the jug and before helping himself to juice.
But we’re still not on speaking terms.

In other news, this afternoon, while we were outside and Moony was broodingreading a book a few feet away, Prongs took Moony’s camera and took a picture of him. I decided to hide it for him.
Well, Prongs DID save me today (despite his odd choice of spells), and I know how Moony feels about having his picture taken. With the mood he's in today, he’d probably bite Prongs’ head off!

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NicWho knew Prongs was such a good photographer?
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