Sirius Black (sirius_black888) wrote in parchment_bits,
Sirius Black

Sirius' diary

Well, we're back on speaking terms. Moony and I, that is. Nothing too fancy. I did something Padfoot-like before breakfast, he was about to laugh but threw a cushion at me instead and ended up laughing at my surprised look.

So everything was fine for the rest of the day.

Until (there's always a 'until' where I'm concerned, isn't there?) right before dinner. All 4 of us where in the dorm when I asked Moony, just for curiosity's sake, why did he think Meg wasn't good-looking?
He shrugged and was about to say something when Wormtail interrupted without looking up from his magazine, saying something about Moony being self-depreciating as always.

I think that after about 3 minutes he realised that the silence that followed meant something and finally raised his eyes to see Prongs, Moony and me staring at him.

And finally he said what must have been crossing his mind ever since I started seeing Meg:

'What? Am I the only one who noticed how alike Moony and Meg look?'



Prongs started laughing, going on about how true that was, but then Moony, who had been gaping, started arguing, saying they were wrong. Prongs tried to argue back, still laughing, but Moony didn't seem to find it the bit amusing and just stormed out of the dorm. He's becoming quite the expert in storming out lately (at least this time he was NOT storming out on ME).

I was too shocked surprised to say anything.

After dinner I broke up with Meg. I really can't cope It was getting too intense, too serious, and I really can't cope with that, right now.

Oi! The scene she made! Quite the tantrum, actually.


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