Sirius Black (sirius_black888) wrote in parchment_bits,
Sirius Black


Forgot what I said before. Sometimes is good to have your friends around.
Right after I finished the last entry, Moony came looking for me. He brought me a salve for my arm (so Prongs did tell them everything), the same he uses after the full moons.
He offered to put it on my arm, and then asked me whether I was going to push him too if he hurt me accidentally. He asked it matter-of-factly, mind you, like if pushing one of your best friends on a roof, risking him falling 60 feet into certain death, is the most reasonable thing to do. And that made me smile.
I told him I hadn't meant what I called Evans. He said he knew. I needed that.

Then he stopped and just stared at me. I raised my brow and he snapped out of it, looking oddly embarrassed. And he was gone, saying it was late and that we have class tomorrow.

I think I'm off to bed, too.

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